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Are you ready to Set the hook on some of the best Fishing action the Midwest has to offer?  

You don’t have to drive to Canada or the Dakota’s to find the hottest fishing action!  Its here on the Upper Mississippi River.  

Hello I am Jon Borreson owner of Borreson Outdoors llc 

I grew up fishing the Mississippi river and have 20 years fishing experience on it.  The Mississippi River can be one of the most loved or hated places to fish and sometimes even on the same day.  The river is an easy place to catch fish but not an easy place to target fish.  We have changing water levels constantly, water clarity varies dramatically in different areas, the vast area that is fish-able is almost overwhelming.  To new anglers as well as weekend anglers these conditions can be frustrating to try and figure out.  I won’t claim to know what to do every time, but I do have the experience necessary to adjust and catch fish.  

Weekly I am fishing summer bass tournaments and the occasional walleye tournament to keep on the peak of my game.  My trips are guaranteed you will have fun and learn!  Call me now and lets go stab some fish!



Please Feel free to call Jon at 608-525-4868  


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Guided Trips I Offer:

  • Bass Fishing
  • Walleye Fishing
  • Cat fishing
  • Panfishing
  • Sight Seeing trips
  • Captain for hire on boats up to 100 Tons & Towing Endorsement.
  • Hunting Guide Service

Boats that we have available for trips:

20′ Stratos Bass boat with 225 Yamaha Sho outboard

Where I guide:

Most of my guiding takes place out of Trempealeau wi.  Trempealeau is home to Lock and Dam 6 and allows us to fish both pools 6 and 7.  I am willing to travel if you want to fish different pools.  Pools I would guide on are 5a, 6, 7, and 8.  I also do guiding for bowhunters, turkey hunting, and predator calling in Jackson and Trempealeau Counties.



Bass Fishing  When the bass master Elite series was here in La Crosse, they described the fishing as incredible.  They had some of the most fun fishing they have had all year.  Most were fishing frogs on top-water as well as pitching jigs in cover and around wood.  Many having 50+ fish days.  
That is the experience I want to give you!  Well not all days are going to be 50 fish days, however there is usually a pretty good bass bite somewhere on the river.  It may be small mouth on the rocks, current breaks & wing dams or largemouth out in the slop or cut banks.  Let me show you a few things about fishing the river that I have learned over the last 20 years of fishing it.  Guaranteed you will have a good time!   
Fishing trips – $225 half day (up to 5 hours) $350 full day (8 hours)   3rd person

4 – hours $50

8 – hours $75

We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover Card if paid in advance, as well as Cash and Checks.

Walleyes   Most of my fishing takes place out of my bass boat so trolling isn’t a viable option.  There are lots of walleye guides out there that can take you trolling all day and they do catch a lot of fish.  But that’s not the only way to catch these fish.  I personally find it very boring.  I like to spot fish.  With the river most fish relate to some kind of structure.  These spots often aren’t very big, and doesn’t take long to completely cover them.  In a days time we can hit many spots and in doing so we often catch multiple species of fish even when only targeting one.  
If you are wanting the pro walleye guide, I can hook up with a few guides that really target just walleyes.  But you might just give my style of walleye fishing a try.  
Panfish -I love to catch panfish.  There is nothing better eating or harder fighting for there size.  Anyone can go out and bobber fish, and yes I have soaked my share, but come out with me if you really want to have fun with panfish.  Depending on the time of year they can provide hot fast action on tube jigs, beetle spins, small crankbaits spinners even fly fishing.  
Catfish One of the most overlooked sport fish on the river.  They also are one of the best eating fish on the river.  We have 2 main types of cats we target, Channel cats, and Flat Heads.  Channel Cats prefer dead baits like stink baits, and liver.  Flat Heads prefer live bait and cut bait.  Often times we will jig or 3 way flat head cats with heavy jigs and large shiners or small bluegills.  Channel Cats we usually fish back water sloughs with several offerings and wait for the bites!   
Northern Pike Great eating, plentiful, and lots of fun to catch.  One of my favorite fish to start out the fishing year with.  After ice out the norther head to the back waters to spawn.  There is no better time or place to catch a trophy pike.  They can be fished all summer and are often caught while fishing bass, walleye or catfish.  A fun trip almost always guaranteed to catch a lot of fish.    

I would like to thank all my Sponsors for there support!  Please Frequent them and give there products and services a try!  Without them my guide service would not be possible!

Camo Dipping & European Taxidermy – BOR Outdoors LLC

I am continuously looking for more sponsors.  Please allow me to promote your business on the web, with guests, in tournaments, and on my boat!